12 Jul 2013

Many Different SEO Techniques

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Cultivating traffic is important to the growth and development of your web page.  Your traffic statistics represent much more than the unique visitors to your site.  These numbers and figures can tell you where visitors are coming from, what they’re looking for to find you, what section of your website they look at most often, and so much more.  If you know how to read your traffic stats correctly, they can tell you exactly what content people want to see.
The information gained from all these facts and figures give you specific suggests regarding how to build your site.  Before any future changes can be considered, you first have to generate traffic and keep it coming in at a steady, predictable level.  To do that you’ll need to implement different kinds of seo strategies to draw the virtual eyes of search engines and the actual eyes of new readers.

The Value of Content
Optimizing a website for search engine visibility isn’t difficult though it takes a nuanced understanding of how search engines work and what kind of content they look for.  Briefly put, search engines look for key words and phrases that appear organically inside a block of text.  It’s vital that the content be articulate and natural or else a search engine will disregard it.  In the past it was possible to load a block of words and phrases on a website even if those phrases had nothing to do with the site itself.  Search engine programming is now much more sophisticated and don’t return such pages during a search.
The content you place onto your website can be optimized for search engines as well as valuable to your users.  In fact, a good marketing strategy is to create articles and informative reviews for your site that are of interest to readers and also in keeping with SEO techniques.  Done correctly, you’ll find that this content receives more traffic than it did previously.

Links and More
Another popular SEO strategy is called backlinking or link building.  There are actually several different methods of link building, including:
  • Trust rank
  • Link neighborhoods
  • Social sharing
  • Global popularity
  • Local/Topic popularity
  • Anchor text
  • Search engines
Anchor text is a link building solution that many people will be familiar with.  A hotlink is added to a word or phrase within a block of text; that link then leads the reader to another site or a different portion of the same site that relates to the term they clicked on.  For instance, if the term ‘dog house’ was a portion of anchor text and a reader clicked on it, they might be taken to a site where they can purchase dog houses, to a tutorial on how to build and maintain a dog house, or a list of reviews on how different dog houses compare.  In this way, link building can be very helpful, both to the owner of the linked-to site and to the reader looking for information.
Over time, there are sure to be new developments in the world of SEO and new ways of implementing those strategies.  One fairly new strategy is automatic link building and these tools have been well-received by both new and experienced marketers.  One thing is certain, SEO has changed the way that people create websites.  These techniques are definitely here to stay.

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