31 Jul 2013

Only Using Written Content on Your Website? Why Adding Different Media Can Give You A Traffic Boost

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Whether you have a business site, an affiliate marketing blog or you do a blog that is just for information or entertainment, getting more visitors and making sure they are impressed with what they find are probably your key priorities.
There are lots of ways to improve your search engine rankings for the keywords you think your potential audience are searching for, including optimising your content for those phrases, and getting as many backlinks as possible to your site from around the web. However, have you ever thought that adding new kinds of media to your site might open it up to whole new audiences? Text only blogs that start to add new forms of media benefit from better search engine rankings and the opportunity to be listed in entirely new places, so why not mix things up a little?

Image Galleries

You probably already put pictures on your site with your articles, however do these really add any value beyond decoration? Often bloggers will put a generic stock image that is relevant to the post there just to make it look a little nicer, but it doesn't really give the reader any new information. Adding images that essentially are the information is a great way to add new media to your site without having to produce something as intensive as a video or a podcast. Most web page creation packages, including WordPress, have options for adding image galleries, and there are lots of things you could do, from taking photos to creating infographics.


Adding video to your site means you can be searchable on YouTube (assuming that's where you host the video) as well as normal search engines, and this is a surprisingly large boon to traffic. YouTube itself is one of the biggest search engines on the web as well as among the most visited websites, but of course, you can only be included if you have YouTube videos in your content! If your site is a review type site, videos can be faster to make than written posts (as you can just record a piece to camera), and studies have shown people trust video reviews a lot more than written ones, so this could really help you make more affiliate commission.


A podcast can be a fun new way to engage with your clients and it can also introduce you to new listing sites that will give you more backlinks. Having a weekly or even monthly podcast can give you a great way to introduce new ideas to your site, and even hold interviews in a much more interesting and accessible way than writing alone. You don't need fancy equipment or software to produce a good podcast, and you can even list your recordings in places like the iTunes store if you want to.
Try adding different types of media to your site and promoting them through your social media channels. You may be surprised by how quickly this can impact your hit count!

Adam Livermore is an SEO specialist who works for consult3.co.uk and is a regular blogger writing on topics related to internet marketing and search engine optimisation. Adam believes that all businesses and website owners can benefit from improving their SEO and achieving better Google rankings, and he loves helping people learn the skills to do it!

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