12 Jul 2013

#Shazam Will Bring Always-On Audio Tagging to #iPhone This Summer

In its update for iOS two months ago, Shazam quietly launched a feature for iPad users called auto-tag, which allowed users to leave Shazam’s tagging, or sound-identifying, feature on, even when they weren’t interacting with the tablet. Expect to hear more about the feature later this summer when Shazam launches the feature for iPhone as well.
“We affectionately call it ‘club mode,’ said Rich Riley, the CEO of Shazam, speaking at a mobile technology conference in San Francisco.
The company has had to do major back-end and user-facing adjustments to support the feature. The app has 350 million users who generate 15 million tags per day. If a percentage of those users use the auto-tagging feature for a number of hours while at a dance club or at home watching television, they could increase the number of tags by “an order of magnitude,” Riley said, presenting back-end challenges for Shazam.

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