18 Aug 2013

12 Most Embeddable Social Content Creation Tools

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We all create content every day. And we all want to share that content we create with our friends, family and other people online. One simple way to do that is to embed the content you want to share.
So if you’re worrying about how you’re going to share, worry no more. Just use these social tools to create your content and then embed and share with your audience.

1. Audioboo

Video and photos are a huge part of life on the web now, but audio can be, too. For that you have Audioboo, a tool that allows you to upload and share audio files. If you’re looking to start podcasting, Audioboo has an embed feature perfect for you.

2. Instagram

Instagram is one of the biggest social media tools out there, but one thing you might not have heard about it is that you can now embed photos. Go to the photo page and you can get the embed code for any photo.

3. Pinterest

We all know that Pinterest is a huge site for traffic source and more. But did you know you can feature one of your pins on your website or blog? Just use Pinterest’s widget builder and paste in the URL of the pin you want to feature.

4. Prezi

Prezi is a fantastic presentation creator. Instead of using one slide after another, let your imagination build the canvas for your presentation. Want to build a visual resume? You can do that. Notes from a meeting? Yes. Whatever you want — best of all, you can grab the embed code after you’re finished.

5. Rafflecopter

Giveaways are great and if you can work with partners to form one, just head over toRafflecopter to showcase it on your blog or website.

6. Scribd

Do you have a book or document to share? You can use Scribd to do so. Simply upload your work and then grab the embed code.

7. ShortStack

ShortStack is one of many, many tools that allow you to create custom apps for Facebook. But one thing ShortStack has going for it is its “Embed Anywhere” option. You’ll be embedding your apps on your website or on your CMS platform in no time.

8. SlideShare

We all love a good presentation, right? SlideShare is the answer for PowerPoint and other slideshow presentations, and you can embed them anywhere. Create a show or documents featuring your products or services and then embed it right on your website.

9. SnapWidget

I’ve already talked about Instagram and its embed feature, and SnapWidget can do just a little bit more, if that’s what you’re looking for. Indeed, SnapWidget allows a fully customizable interface, including the ability to tweak widget style, thumbnail size, layout, borders, color and more.

10. SoundCloud

This might be music to your ears, but by using SoundCloud, you can embed songs, music, podcasts and more.

11. TimelineJS

Have you ever wanted to create a timeline? Now you can with Timeline.JS. It’s just a few steps: Create a spreadsheet (you can use their template), publish it to the web, paste it into the URL generator and then grab the embed code.

12. Visually

Infographics, videos, interactive content, presentations. You can make all of those onVisually and then embed the content where you want it to be seen. Infographics can net you a lot of page views, and Visually can help after you create that content.
Your mind is full of ideas for perfect photos, videos, audio and more to share with your audience. With these tools you can make sure your ideas come out as intended and get shared with them where you want: You blog or website (or wherever else).

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