31 Aug 2013

5 Tools to Improve Your #Pinterest Strategy

You’ve finally got your Pinterest strategy up and running. And you can tell it’s working because your photos and videos are getting more likes than you ever thought possible. But like any marketing strategy, it could be just a little bit better. Fortunately, Pinterest has a wide range of tools that can help.
You wouldn’t take part in any online marketing strategy without accessing tools to measure, analyze and optimize your results. And yet, many businesses have started using this platform without utilizing the tools that can make it a more effective marketing channel. Don’t just implement a Pinterest strategy; optimize it with these five apps:


Whether you want to benchmark your boards against the most popular boards or just like seeing what’s hot and trending, Repinly shows you who and what is making waves on the site. Get a real-time snapshot of the most popular boards in the hottest categories, or find out what the most active pinners are up to. Find out which boards receive the most comments or likes, and log in to find out how your boards are faring.


It sounds a little cold, but you’re no one on Pinterest if no one’s sharing your boards or talking about them. This is especially true when it comes to marketing. Download Pinpuff to find out just how much of a “someone” you are. It measures a user’s reach and influence, two factors that can’t be measures by clicks and shares alone. It also assigns a monetary value to each user, which gives you a clearer idea of how profitable your boards might be.


While a lot of social media sites see an ebb and flow in popularity and traffic, their owners should still know how to navigate the changes. PinReach makes this possible for Pinterest users. The tool shows you which members and boards are trending, and then scores your Pinterest boards in comparison. If you’re trying to promote an accredited college but other colleges are leaving you in the dust, PinReach will let you know.


If you’re into a wide range of content, Pinterest might seem limiting with its emphasis on photos and videos. Luckily, you’re the kind of person Pinstamatic was designed to attract. After adding all the graphic content you like, you can use the app to also add text, audio files, locations, entire websites, and even Twitter accounts to your boards. This creates a full multimedia experience, which attracts more users for longer periods of time.


Have you ever looked at a website and thought it would be a perfect addition to a Pinterest board? It’s safe to say you’re not the only one. Otherwise, Snapito wouldn’t have taken off the way it did. Snapito lets you capture all or part of a web page and post it to your board. Just enter the URL and click Snap! to generate an image. Pin all or part of the page on your board, or add a timestamp so viewers can see exactly when you took the shot.
Pinterest started out as nothing more than a cool way to create online collages of your favorite things. But with apps like the ones listed above, it’s now also a great platform for marketers!

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