18 Aug 2013

5 Useful Sites on Social Media that Can Lead You to Your Dream Job

The advent of technological innovations has found its use in all human activities ranging from communication, learning, and production among other functions. There have been numerous ventures that have been operated on the social media which is known to greatly enable easy interaction between the stake holders. The media provides a platform upon which site are developed that serves as communication tools and centers between people at different locations
Among the sites developed are those that aide in facilitating employment for both the employers and the job seekers. These are widely known as professional websites which enables the employer to post a job vacancy where the aspiring employee can view the details and apply for it where possible. However there are sites which serve multiple functions but also promote the process of employment. These websites on social media includes:
LinkedIn: this is a social media site where people register and create a personal account by providing their personal information as per the instructions available. Upon the account creation, the new member creates a personal profile that highlights his academic and professional competence that becomes visible to other members who are connected to him. The site allows potential employers to review the profile of different people and hence link them to any arising vacancies
LinkedIn as a social media tool has enabled even corporate companies to create profiles where other people can follow. The companies posts vacancies in the site and welcomes applications, making it a useful site that can propel aspiring professionals
Google plus: this is a site on social media that has recently gained international recognition due to the volume of activities happening in it. It has been largely used by the recruitment companies to connect employees to their dream jobs. The employee creates an account where he can access to all job openings that are posted daily. Google plus serves a variety of professions and offers a convenient means of advertising vacancies and companies
OLX: is the one of the most recent sites developed to promote advertising. It provides multiple and vertical search engines which contains jobs vacancies and other products. This site is easy to use as the users must not register any accounts and hence providing unlimited view. Jobs are posted which includes; the posting and deadline dates, the employers contact details and the requirements for the job, hence one can apply for the desired job. This site provides a professional based classification of the posted jobs to promote easy search. The classification includes finance, engineering, agriculture jobs among others therefore you only search in accordance your specialization
Facebook: this is considered to be one of the largest sites of the social media attracting the greatest volume of users. It enables the recruiting agents to post their vacancies for the interested candidates to apply. Companies creates their pages where people get more information on the requirements and activities of the company
Yahoo: this is a mail service website that has greatly attracted numerous companies to post their job openings for the public. These enables the users access the application details and eventually submit the application
The world of innovation remains dynamic and more of social media advertising continues to emerge. Most of the successful professionals trace their employment to the career websites where they first got the job detail.

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