26 Aug 2013

#Advertising on #Facebook Is No More the Same

By William Johnson at Social Media Today
Did you know that around 64% of the marketers see lead generation benefits with Social Media? Yes, you heard it right! There is a growing competition among the marketers to promote their products and services and reach the targeted goal. Therefore, there should be an effort to simplify product ads to allow advertisers meet their marketing objectives. With this aim in mind, Facebook announced the revamp of its PAGE POST LINK ADS with the ability for the brand to customise images, the ability to select between right-hand side domain ads and the unpublished page post link ads in the news feed and many more to add.
Facebook ads
The social network introduced this change as a part of its overall effort to simplify its ad offering. You must know that advertising on Facebook is not the same as Google. Neither is it the same as TV or Radio. Creativity lies behind the success of your Facebook News Feed advertising movement. As Facebook offers several vehicles to connect with the customers, page post ads are incredibly convincing. Advertisements in the form of Page post ads begin as a post on a fan page and gradually get paid distribution among the other fans and friends of fans in their News Feeds. The page post ads allow creative freedom and can be a link, video, photo, event or status. Most importantly, these ads on Facebook can be shown to anyone or even to those who are not connected to your page.
I am sure, by this time, you are curious enough to acquire the simplest ways to create impressive Page post ads. Well, here are the seven top ideas to showcase your products and services and win the heart of your customers.
Give your images a personal touch:
An ad is recognised by its signature style. Therefore, getting the right image is essential to engage the eye of your customer. Customised images for page post link ads provide more flexibility for the advertisers to choose their creativity. Remember, the best performing ads on the Facebook are bold, expressive and visually captivating. They help to drive the majority of the conversions to their website. As you will notice that it is quite different from the Facebook’s automatic sourcing of thumbnail images based on those images on the linked site.
Even unpublished page post ads allow marketers to convey the right messages to an explicit group of people rather than making a page post display to everyone who likes their page.
Redesign your ad to drive optimum ad choices:
The social media wants to encourage the marketers to draw the advantage of the Page post link ads that can outperform domain ads on the right-hand side. This new discovery automatically allows advertisers to choose a domain ad either for the right-hand column or for the unpublished page post link ad for News Feed. The flexibility of choosing the right ad, if, is effective, can really drive ROI for brands and online merchants by improving and automating how they create lookalike audiences and bid to conversion. They also enable you to see how the ad will look like on the side bars as well as in the News Feed. In addition, you can also use links to convert your visitors to your website and its landing page.
Restructure ad across desktop and mobile:
While creating ads both for desktop and mobile, Facebook advertisers usually face difficulty in understanding how the ads would appear in different placements across devices. The ads would not appear optimised if the aspect ratios of the desktop images and mobile images are not aligned correctly. Therefore, to allow creative executions of such ads across various channels, Facebook streamlined their ads so that all the images bear the same aspect ratio for both desktop and mobile News Feed placement. The advertisers will no longer have to create two different News Feed campaign for mobile and desktop.
Less complex ad features for easy media buy:
Facebook intent to minimise the complexity of their ad features to simplify media buying. The consistency in ad features and its formats such as clear identification of image sizes, standardisation of text truncation have successfully eliminated the discrepancies between the domain ads on the right hand side and the Page post link ads. Earlier, the advertisers leveraged both these units for direct response of the customers; however, with the outstanding performance of Page post link ads, the situation is the vice-versa. To make it simpler, Facebook has aligned the design of the domain ads and for the page post link ads to help advertisers create a single ad to drive customers off-site.
Highlight your product and get your point across:
Highlighting unique products in your ads can spark user interests. As long as these products are accessible at a reasonable price, it will continue to prompt users to take immediate action. Equally, it is important to incorporate a prominent brand and its logo to make people identify who the advertiser is.
Also conveying your point is no surprise. The key is to create your ads on Facebook concise, enticing, exclusive and worth of a visitor paying attention to you.
Treat your fans as your family:
Does your ad reward the users who are reading it? Always give your consumers the reason to buy your products now and not later. Create the intent to purchase by offering your consumers lucrative incentives and promotions. This definitely generates interest and gets users to click through your site. Also deliver value to fans by providing them early access to coupons and sales. Remember to reward them for their loyalty.
Integrate stories and social context in your Page post ads:
Include sponsored stories and social context of Likes, comments and shares in Post page ads. When a user story is created from a Page post, it effectively produces a higher engagement rate since the social context of the Page post will also be improved. Also advertisers on Facebook constantly create innovative content to make ads more appealing from both the click and conversion perspectives.
Isn’t this new added feather amazing? Well, indeed it is to make the advertisers target, create, personalise and showcase their message in the best way possible. So, whether you are new on Facebook or a seasoned pro, make sure that you are taking the right advantage of the Page post link ads.

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