23 Aug 2013

Best Time to Post on Facebook: Use Insights

At long last! Fan page administrators and marketers can now post content to their fan pages at optimal times without a lot of guesswork. The best time to post on Facebook has been revealed by Facebook itself, thanks to the newest upgrade of Insights. If you don’t have them yet, be patient. It’s coming!
But is this a game changer? Yes! Generally most social media statistics concerning the best times and days to post to the fan page are based on what the EAST coast is doing. Considering most of the US population lives there that’s understandable, but what if the population of your fan page doesn’t live on the east coast? You just had to figure it out on our own or purchase sometimes costly analytical tools.
And now that’s changed! In comes Facebook with new and improved Insights or analytics. They’ve obviously heard our cries, or more realistically those of advertisers and marketers. But I won’t complain because the upgrade benefits us all. Now we can now see week by week the best time to post on Facebook according to our individual fan pages and audiences, not on broad stats based on one coast.
Watch the tutorial below to learn just how easy it is to see key analytical data about your fan page. No more downloading that exhaustive Facebook Excel spreadsheet of fan page data unless you want to. Truly, the interface is so much more user-friendly than what we had before. After watching the video, share with me in the comments below how knowing when the best time to post on Facebook impacts your content strategy or posting schedule.

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