26 Aug 2013

Have You Got Enough #Insurance Coverage For Your Favourite Devices?

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One of the best things about most of the tech devices we buy is that they are very portable, which is obviously good because it means we aren't stuck using them only at home! The downside that a lot of people don't think about however, is that your (or your parents') home insurance probably won't cover your devices in a lot of situations where you're taking them out of the house. Having a chat with your parents about their insurance policy may sound like the dullest thing in the world, but actually, you may find out your smartphone, laptop, iPad, MP3 player, portable consoles and various other tech devices you own will not be covered if you lose them or have them stolen at school or on the move.

Things to Find Out

Ask your parents to check their home insurance policy and see what kind of situations things are covered in when they are taken outside of the house, including if they are taken abroad if you are going on holiday. Also find out if valuable items that are to be covered outside the home need to be named on the policy (often they do), and check your parents have included all your tech gear on the list and that they update it if you get anything new. This is an easy thing to forget to do, especially with things like phones which tend to get upgraded quite often, but a forgotten new gadget can cause problems even in an event inside the house like a flood.
Another thing to ask about regarding insurance and your tech gear is whether it is covered when you go on holiday abroad (if you ever do of course). This may be as part of your travel insurance or your home insurance, but is worth thinking about as devices are also more likely to get lost, stolen or broken when you are travelling.

What If Your Devices Aren't Covered?

If your devices aren't covered adequately, the best thing to do is look into insurance specifically for your devices. You can often get mobile phone insurance from the place you got your phone or from your network, though this isn't always the best deal. A good option a lot of people go for is a company specialising in gadget insurance. These tend to offer policies that take into account the very specific problems that occur with devices, such as cracked smartphone screens, and also cover your devices against normal things like fire, theft, and damage.

Can't I Just Risk It Without Insurance?

You can, yes, however you have to weigh up whether or not you could live without your devices for a while if they failed and whether you could afford (and your parents would be willing) to replace them. If your device is old or easily replaceable, or not worth that much (like a cheap phone), you may decide simply to risk it, but if you have something like a brand new Macbook then obviously if anything happens to it you're going to want it covered!


Laura Ginn is a regular tech blogger, who learned the hard way about the importance of insuring your tech gear when her laptop got stolen abroad. She now uses Protect Your Bubble to insure her new computer, along with her, phone, tablet and all her other important tech gear!

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