2 Aug 2013

#Pinterest: The Secret #SEO Weapon That (Almost) Nobody Else Is Using

Pinterest + SEO = heaven. And for those of you who say using hashtags on Pinterest is a waste of time…  Pishhhaw, I say!
I tried for quite a while to rank well organically for “az seo” – a term every SEO pro in the State of Arizona uses, which also has a lot of garbage grandfathered in. Not only is it highly competitive, but instead of competing against inexperienced optimization tactics – you are competing with the best who really know to rank. It’s tough… But thanks to Pinterest, I’m now listed in #3 position on page one.
They work! As long as the keyword or phrase is in the pinboard name and description, and used in that board’s pins as a hashtag. It’s also continued to rise over time, even though I only add a fresh pin very sporadically. What’s not to love about that?!
Pinterest SEO
Granted, it could just as easily be the keyword/phrase integration, and not the hashtag – but pinboards WITHOUT the hashtag are simply not ranking as well. That’s proof enough for me!
Marketers, don’t overlook Pinterest as a fantastic SEO tool!
Learn more about specific Pinterest SEO tactics here: http://rockthestatusquo.com/how-to-rank-faster-seo-and-pinterest/

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