7 Aug 2013

Voice Messaging Comes To Whatsapp

Mobile messaging pioneer, Whatsapp, has added a walkie-talkie-like voice messaging feature to its app. Users will now be able to press and hold a button to speak, and have that voice clip sent once the button is released.
Whatsapp has reportedly worked on this feature for the past half year, and is intent on making the experience as smooth as possible. The app will detect whether the phone is held to the ear or in front of the user, and pipes received messages at the appropriate volumes.
Voice messaging appears to have taken off in Asia, where many of Whatsapp’s messaging competitors have had this feature for a while now.
Tencent WeChat, for example, upped the voice messaging game by adding five voice filters and six background tracks you can layer under your voice recording, such as a rainstorm or a pumping club track. Perfect for sending those fake emergency messages to say you’re caught in bad weather.

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