18 Sep 2013

#Apple Serving Old Apps To Older Devices

In the early hours today, a user on Reddit discovered that Apple had updated the App Store to allow users on old iOS versions to download the ‘last known compatible‘ version of apps. At first glance, this is a great feature and should benefit customers with devices stuck on old versions of iOS.

But the opaque nature of how the feature is implemented for developers raises questions and could cause some problems for users too.

The way the feature works is actually very simple and seamless for the user. If a user has a device that only supports an old version of iOS — say an iPhone 3GS on iOS 6 — and tries to download a new version app which has gone iOS 7 only, it will get the last viable version of the app. So the last edition uploaded by the developer that supported iOS 6. There’s no fuss, the user just gets a version that works.

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