10 Sep 2013

How to Add a Professional Skills Section to Facebook

Most lawyers I talk to don’t like using Facebook for business development, period. Facebook is reserved for family and friends and is kept separate (and private). LinkedIn, on the other hand, is all about networking.   If you are worried about privacy, you shouldn’t share anything online you wouldn’t mind the whole world seeing.
Personally, it’s my opinion that if you’re using any online avenue for marketing and business development, Facebook should be included. Your Facebook networks most likely include school chums (did I just say chums?), work colleagues and many other people who could possibly refer you work.
And, these people most likely trust you and would happily recommend your services. The trick is to not promote yourself all day long. Post a helpful article here and there, check into work, talk about a conference you’re attending, etc. What you’re doing is planting seeds so that when the need arises for your services, your name naturally comes to mind.
Apparently, Facebook is trying to get a piece of the business networking pie by testing a“Professional Skills” section to user profiles according to GMA news.
If you’re interested in adding a “Professional Skills” section to your Facebook profile, all you need to do is go to your About section and scroll down. The section you’re looking for will be right underneath the Work and Education. Similar to other Facebook sections, as you fill in your skills, a drop down box will appear with the ability to choose previously used skills.
I just added a few skills to my personal Facebook profile. It was pretty easy, however, I don’t think this update is a real “game changer” so to speak. You still have to click on the “About” section of your Facebook profile to see the skills. If you could see the skills without clicking around, I would be a bit more impressed.
That being said, it’s important to take advantage of every feature available when it comes to online marketing and business development. Take some time to update your professional skills section on your profile. 

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