26 Sep 2013

#INFOGRAPHIC: Why Pinterest is Good for Business

Nowadays it has become a trend of the people to communicate and to keep in touch with the help of the social media. The social media has made the world a global village as there is no distance limit for communication with the help of social media.

Why Pinterest is good for business
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  1. Make sure you give each like & follow the individual care and attention what they deserve.

  2. When I first found out about pinterest, I was really blown out. Their web design is really off the hook. I could post anything I wanted and see other pins that I can relate to.

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  3. You know, whatever social media or tech comes out of the woodwork, we should try it out. That's what I get out of this the most: Facebook, for example, just started out as this Harvard thing among college kids, until others simply started using it. It shouldn't escape our attention that the first social networking sites, Friendster and Multiply, eventually transformed into pure marketing engines before they shut down. Sometimes, the most menial innovation is what would be of benefit to our business the most. It's all in the tenacity.

    Jean @ On Page 1