7 Sep 2013

Scoop.it Launches Social Curation App For #iPad

Scoop.it, a startup that helps users highlight interesting content (and, implicitly, their own knowledge in the field), is bringing its social curation tools to the iPad today with the launch of a new app.
The company asks users to build topic pages where they aggregate relevant content (we’ve described these pages as “your own digital magazine“). Those pages are viewable on Scoop.it, shareable on social networks, and SEO-optimized. Plus, other users can follow those pages.
In some ways, it’s like following someone on Twitter who tweets news and articles that you find interesting. However, co-founder and CEO Guillaume Decugis argued that “when you follow topics and not people,” the signal-to-noise ratio improves significantly (at least if you’re interested in learning more about the topic in question, rather than getting updates about someone’s life).

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