1 Sep 2013

You Can Now Post Animated GIFs on Facebook (sort of)

There comes a time on the Internet when no response can quite say it like an animated GIF can. I mean, sure, you could type “WHAAAT?!?!?” but does that really capture the essence of befuddlement quite like this does: 

Confused Animated Gif on Giphy

No, it does not. And it NEVER WILL. 

But Facebook users have been denied the special brand of satisfaction one enjoys when you get to summarize your mood with a looping animation. Facebook worried that allowing GIFs would make the site look too MySpace 1.0, too busy (yet they insist on that hideous news ticker in the corner, go figure). But Facebook has set aside its worries to work with Giphy and come up with a way for users to share their favorite GIFs. 

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