30 Oct 2013

Google Launches AdSense Certified Partner Program

By Chris Crum at WebProNews

Google announced the formation of the AdSense Certified Partner Program aimed at giving some credibility to businesses who help others get going with AdSense.

“Since 2003, AdSense has helped publishers from around the world earn from their content and grow their businesses,” says Google’s Catherine Downes. “Over time, we’ve also seen growth in the number of consultants and service providers who have built their own businesses around helping publishers succeed with AdSense. With this in mind, we’ve created the Google AdSense Certified Partner Program to work more closely with these service providers and recognize the expertise they’ve developed.”

“If you use AdWords or Analytics, you may be familiar with the similar Certified Partner programs we offer for those products — qualified companies can become certified to help you manage your account, should you require additional support for your business,” she adds. “Just like in these other programs, AdSense Certified Partners are carefully vetted by Google, and meet rigorous qualification standards. AdSense Certified Partners can assist with dedicated services ranging from setting up AdSense ad code on your pages to running ongoing optimization tests for you.”

Google is offering a training program and testing resources for providers interested in becoming certified. Google will add those who pass the qualification exam and meet other criteria to the partner program’s official site.

Partners have to have an AdSense account, must provide a real-life case study showing their proficiency, and use the AdSense account management platform provided by Google to manage clients. They must be legally incorporated. You can see all requirements here.

Providers who are granted certified status will get a badge to display on their sites.

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