11 Oct 2013

How to Promote the Heck Out of Your Ebook

By Kristen Matthews at Social Media Today:

Did you know you can create an ebook and as long as it’s awesome, it will be downloaded and see you’ll see uber success without having to do anything but publish it?

Ha, I wish…

Just as ebooks take more time to create than other types of content, they also deserve and require a lot more effort to promote.

Plus, if you spend all of this company time creating your ebook, drop the ball on promotion and it doesn’t get many downloads—your boss will not be high fiving you or giving you any gold stars…

So, you need to promote the hell out of your ebook to have something to share for all of your hard work.

Connect With Past Influential Relations

It’s time to connect with anyone your brand has worked with in the past or anyone that owes you a favor in the form of a content share.

Personally, I keep all of the influential people who’ve tweeted my content, wrote a post about my brand, etc. in a spread sheet so I can easily contact them.

Keep your tweet, email or post short and sweet. Say something like “you’ve been interested in my stuff or my brand in the past so I thought you’d like to see my latest ebook. If you like, feel free to share!” Something to that effect.

Activate Your Brand Advocates

Your brand advocates already love you so getting them to share your ebook shouldn’t be very hard.

Try simply asking them to share it or empowering them with the ebook earlier than the rest of the world. Making someone feel special and giving them a way to share new information with their own following can go a long way.

Blogger Outreach

Use your favorite blogger outreach tool like GroupHigh or Inkybee to find bloggers in the niche that your ebook falls in to.

Approach them and cite a post or two of theirs that shows why your content is a good fit. Try offering a guest post that touches on the topic of your ebook and have a call to action at the end of the post that encourages the readers to download your book.

Social Media (Duh)

Since sharing your ebook all over social media is kind of a no brainer here are some tips to get the most out of your social media ebook shares:

- Tweet a question that your ebook answers
- Start a discussion in LinkedIn or G+ and then link to your Ebook
- Schedule out your tweets that quote and tackle intriguing points in your book

Link to Others

This one involves a little pre-planning but when relevant, link to other people and their content in your ebook. Then when you publish it you can let them know that you referenced them and they’ll be sure to share it.


Turn your book in to a SlideShare presentation. Yes, upgrade to a paid for plan so that you can utilize the lead capture form.

Scatter Links Everywhere

Update your Twitter bio and email signature so that they link to your ebook. Ask coworkers to do the same if it applies. Post a blurb on your company’s home page.

Consider Paid for Content

Try some paid for promo. Sponsored Tweets, LinkedIn ads and third party email blasts.

Do you have any additional tactics that you’ve used to promote ebooks that worked well? Share in the comments below! 

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