29 Nov 2013

4 Trendy and Efficient WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

Philip Cohen at Social Media Today:

WordPress is one of the best creations for bloggers, developers, small business owners, and virtually anyone who wants to put their views, products, or information on the web for the masses. If you own a WordPress account, you know exactly how hard it can be to keep up with it and your SEO presence while keeping your readers wholly interested in the content and layout. Fear not, for there are tools to keep these things balanced and help you out just enough to keep your head on straight. Here are a few of the best plugins for any WordPress account holder.

OTW Portfolio Light

If you happen to be one of the artists on WordPress who relies on the site to display their artwork, a journalist who is trying to land an incredible freelance job, or just a person who wants to show off a few projects that you’ve been working on then this plug in is perfect for you. OTW Portfolio Light will help you organize and display your beautiful works despite the screen size. As most of us know, trying to access something vital on a mobile device can be very aggravating. With this plugin, you’ll be able to bring your work with you and show those around you, or a future employer with ease.


Have you ever wondered how to keep tabs on your comment boxes? With spambots and every day spammers dropping links and other things in your comment boxes left and right, you may need a little help in keeping tabs on your site. With Akismet you have the ability to monitor comments while the plugin tells you which ones look like they could potentially be spam and which one seem to legitimate. This could be a huge benefit for the busy blogger on the go. If a spambot is willing to dump on your site, why not have another bot trash their garbage comment?

WordPress SEO

Every blog owner has had that day when they just aren’t getting passed their frazzled thoughts and creating a good solid piece of content. If you’re an SEO conscious person and your blog isn’t just for rants and rambles (even if it is) you understand the importance of keeping most of your posts keyword oriented. With WordPress SEO by Yoast you’ll be able to keep yourself focused on certain words while the plugin helps you optimize your content just that much more. This way you have the opportunity to write to your heart’s content with the reminder of what it is you’re writing about. Plus, it can help keep you on Google’s good side!

Social Sharing Toolkit

Share and share alike. This is the rule of the internet. Without sharing, your content could go unnoticed by a wide variety of individuals. In fact, most content that is spread across the viral internet world is only spread because someone deemed it worthy of being sent to friends and/or family. With the Social Sharing Kit, you have the ability to utilize social media networks like Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr, Facebook, and several other social media platforms to get your content across. From the fast Verizon FiOS connections in Dallas, to the remote satellite connections in the mountains in Montana, your site will be fully optimized to cater to virtually any connection speed. With this plugin, you can harness the ability to plant the viral seed and watch it mutate into something more, driving more traffic to your site and potentially boosting your PR spot in the long run.

WordPress is home to a plethora of blogs, and thousands upon thousands of plugins. Every plugin is designed to make the blogging experience just that much better either in terms of efficiency, design, or just plain fun. Surely, you’ve heard of a few other plugins that would be highly beneficial to the general blogging populous. Why not share?

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  1. I was looking for some good Social Media sharing plugin and i didn't know where to start. Social Sharing Kit sounds exactly what i need yay!!
    Thanks for the list.