16 Nov 2013

Facebook Updated its Post Scheduling Process

Scheduling posts on Facebook used to be a minute-long process of pain. Facebook made it a second of sweetness.

This is the old Facebook post-scheduling interface, with no fewer than five drop-down menus, the longest of which had up to 31 selectable items (day of the month) and all of which required touching, moving, and setting:

Yesterday, Facebook updated its post-scheduling process and took 10-12 steps down to as few as two:

Facebook, thank goodness, has pre-populated the date field with today’s date, saving 90 percent of the pain. (If you want to do another date, Facebook now offers up a cute little calendar picker that is simple and fast.) And the time field is interestingly smart: Start typing a time, such as 4:40, and it will offer just two easily-selectable options, 4:40PM and 4:40AM.

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