22 Nov 2013

Instagram Lands on Windows Phone

Instagram is launching a Windows Phone app today, enabling more people to share their photos on the Facebook-owned photo-sharing social network. The move comes less than a month after company CEO and co-founder Kevin Systrom teased Windows Phone users that it would be arriving in the “coming weeks”. But while it’s great to see the app on Windows Phone, it initially ships without support for videos, along with other missing tools.

In its move to bring the popular app to Windows Phone devices, the company says that it spent time focusing on creating “an awesome experience” with Instagram’s core features. However, while the fundamental app exists, it’s not without some differences.

So we know that it’s a somewhat subdued app, but what else is missing? As Engadget reports, some features have not yet been added, including photo tagging, viewing geotaxis, and taking a photo from within Instagram — yes, that’s right. Windows Phone app users can only import photos taken from another app and then import it.

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