5 Dec 2013

Google Now Searches Across Apps On Android

About a month ago, Google announced that it would start indexing deep links in Android apps just like websites, so it could return results from apps in search results for mobile users.

Today, the company announced that starting now, Android users using the Google Search app or Google in Chrome or the Android browser can get to app content from a Google search.

“A task as simple as choosing a movie to see can actually be complex — and the information you want can be in several different places, often in apps,” says Google VP of Engineering Scott Huffman in a blog post. “You might get your trivia from IMDb, the box office stats from Wikipedia and ratings from Rotten Tomatoes. Starting today, Google can save you the digging for information in the dozens of apps you use every day, and get you right where you need to go in those apps with a single search. Google Search can make your life a little easier by fetching the answer you need for you — whether it’s on the web, or buried in an app.”

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