2 Dec 2013

#INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook vs. Pinterest: 5 Things We’ve Learned

Facebook and Pinterest have proved useful channels for us when it comes to engagement and sales tools.

But just where do these channels differ?  Based on a sample of 50,000 visitors from Pinterest and 50,000 from Facebook respectively (March 15th – April 15th 2012), we at Boticca have produced an infographic on five key insights we have learned about the two channels.   Amongst findings, data strikingly revealed:

- Pinterest users as higher spenders: on average, Pinterest users spend $180 vs. an average of $85 spent by Facebook users
- When it comes to engagement, Facebook is the overall leader: compared with Facebook, Pinterest users spent 65% less time on the site

Meanwhile, while Pinterest has been found to drive more sales than Facebook, data demonstrated that:

- Conversion rates from Pinterest were lower than via any other channels
- Bounce rates from Pinterest were higher than other channels

 Checking out the infographic by Boticca.

Facebook vs Pinterest infographic

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