28 Jan 2014

10 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers

By Stephanie Frasco at Social Media Today

Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the most powerful social networks on the scene. Increasing your activity and knowing the tricks to get more Pinterest followers is important.

If your product is targeted towards women then it is crucial to have an online presence on Pinterest. Pinterest is the now the 3rd most popular social network and the 16th most popular website in the US. Not only does Pinterest rate very high in Google search, it's also very popular, drives a ton of traffic and is very positive in nature.

5 Things You Should Know About Pinterest

1. 47% of online shoppers in the U.S. have made a purchase based on a recommendation via Pinterest. (via Search Engine Journal)

2. Pinterest grabs about 41% of e-commerce traffic, which is 4% more than Facebook. (via ReadWriteWeb)

3. Pinterest generates more than 400% more revenue per click than Twitter and 27% more than Facebook.

4. Crafts, recipes and quotes reign supreme on Pinterest. But fashion and wedding pins are right up there.

5. Pinterest pins have a half life of over one week. Facebook posts receive half of their reach in 80 minutes. On Twitter it's even shorter at 5 to 25 minutes. (via Search Engine Journal)

Whether you are a Pinterest power user or just getting started these tips will help you grow your following and build a stronger presence.

10 Ways To Increase Your Pinterest Following

1. Follow Others
This is the first thing you should do but you want to make sure the people you are following are related to you. Don't go about following everyone. You will be better off with a targeted following when it comes to click-throughs and repins.

2. Comment On Pins
Pinterest is a community and the bottom line for community members to bond is to have conversations. Comment on other's pins and add to the conversation. Where there is conversation, there is community.

3. Repin Others
This is a good way to get noticed by other Pinterest users. By repining their content you are telling them, "hey, I like your stuff, let's be friends." It also gets your repined content in the overall category pool and if people like it, they are likely to follow you.

4. Connect Your Pinterest Account To Facebook
By connecting your Pinterest account to your Facebook account you achieve a few things. The first thing is you get notified when your friends join Pinterest and they'll be notified that you are a Pinterest user. This is a good way to grow. It also grows your presence by sharing your pins on your Facebook page which can open you up to a brand new audience and let your followers and fans know you are active on Pinterest.

5. Add Pinterest Follow Button To Your Site
This is a no-brainer. When people come to your site you want to make sure they know you are on Pinterest. I often go to a site and open all of their social pages and follow them. As a consumer or a fan, it makes me feel more comfortable that this company is social.

6. Add Pinterest Widget To Your Site
You can also showcase your Pinterest pins on your site. This is a great way to show people a bit of your Pinterest style.

7. Share Your Pins On Twitter
Does your Twitter following know you have a Pinterest? It's likely that they don't if you don't share your Pins there. If you are a super pinner, I'd be careful about how much you Tweet from your Pinterest page, but once in a while to let people know is a good idea.

8. Join Group Boards
Group boards are a great way to meet new people. You can collaborate on a common board and get to know new people who are interested in the same things you are. This is also a good way to increase your repins.

9. Run A Contest
I love contests. A Pin It To Win It contest is a great way to make sure people follow you. After all, they have to follow you in order to be considered. It's also a great way to get a lot of your product in the Pinterest world.

10. Be A Curator
By being very targeted you are more likely to have a targeted following. To be a good curator you need to pin a lot. When you pin a lot your pins come to the front page of the category pages and your own feed. Keeping your name out there is important for your social media following. Consistency is key.

Via Social Media Today.

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