5 Jan 2014

4 Things to Know About Building A Personal Brand

By Sahana Ullagaddi at Klout blog

The rise of social media has transformed the way the world approaches personal branding and made it an important tool for our daily social media practice. Building a strong personal brand can certainly take some time and due diligence, but can also be easy if you focus on specific tactics.

1. Be authentic
The beauty of social media is that you can paint a colorful picture of who you are by sharing personal experiences. Dig deep. To connect and be truly authentic with your digital community, your personal voice should be the foundation of your personal brand.

2. Make your interests clearly known
Focus on your interests by joining conversations on social media that are relevant to you. Search for keywords, hashtags, and even groups to find the right conversations, then start proactively engaging with the people involved.

3. Consistently create content
Frequency and consistency help build your credibility in areas where you want to be recognized. Remind your digital community about your areas of interest through content you post. This can be done in several ways: sharing posts from your personal blog, resharing content (retweets, Facebook shares, repins etc.), sharing links to articles you like, or even general commentary about specific topics.

4. Pay it forward
Ironically, personal branding isn’t all about you. Make it easy for people to build a relationship with you by being proactive and responsive to engagement. Have you been wanting to connect with someone on social media? Message them and say hello. You can also let them know you think they are interesting by sharing their content and putting them in the spotlight.

Via Klout Blog.

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