7 Feb 2014

Klout Just Turned Into A Social News Reader

Klout just got a big redesign. Head over to Klout.com now, and you’ll see a page encouraging you to “Create and share great content.”

The change is billed as being about “creating content,” though as far as I can tell, it’s mostly about sharing stuff. It gives you a news feed of stories tailored to what you supposedly have “klout” in, and then you can share them on Facebook or Twitter, or schedule them to be shared on Facebook or Twitter later. Other people’s stories, that is. You’re not creating here, unless you count creating a Tweet or a status update (though you can also create Tweets/Facebook posts from scratch).

But that’s what Klout’s all about. Get some “mad klout” for sharing something interesting that you came across. With this set-up, you don’t have to come across anything, because it comes to you. It’s a news reader personalized to you but for your followers. It’s about content not necessarily that you’re interested in, but that people who follow you are interested in.

Klout chief product officer Sanjay Desai announced the change on the company blog, saying that the new Klout is the first step towards its vision of helping people be known for “what they love.”

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