27 Mar 2014

Amazon Planning A Free, Ad-Supported, Video-Streaming Service

By Jay Yarow at Business Insider

Amazon is planning to release a free video-streaming service, Greg Bensinger at The Wall Street Journal reports.

The video service will focus on television shows, making this an attack on traditional TV, as well as Hulu and Netflix, which both stream TV shows.

It will also have music videos, Bensinger reports.

This is a major strategic change for Amazon. Previously, to watch video on Amazon, consumers either paid for movies and TV shows, or with a required $99 a year Prime membership, got access to certain programs.

Amazon offering a free, ad-supported video streaming service sounds like one of those things that is radical, but the business model is an old one. Basically, Amazon is launching its own broadcast TV network — it just happens to run through the Internet.

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