28 Mar 2014

Facebook Tests Saving Stories for Later, Once Again

By Josh Wolford at WebProNews:

Apparently, Facebook is experimenting with the “save” button again.

Josh Constine over at TechCrunch has acquired some screenshots of the new test, in which Facebook is adding a big ol’ “save” button inside articles shared on the desktop version of the site.

When users click the save button, the link is put into a “saved” articles section on users’ timelines. In the test, users can also access their saved links from a shortcut on Facebook’s left-hand navigation bar (again, desktop only).

The idea behind a “save” button is that users could store links that look interesting, but they simply don’t have time to digest at present. It’s a save it for later feature that would allow users to come back to all the content they might have just scrolled past. There’s a lot of stuff on one’s Facebook News Feed, and a saved links folder would help users cut through the clutter.

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