20 Mar 2014

Google Cloud Gets DoubleClick Real-Time Bidding

By Chris Crum at WebProNews

Google announced that it is now letting marketers conduct real-time bidding on the DoubleClick Ad Exchange right from Google Cloud Platform.

Ad Exchange users hosted on Google Compute Engine will always get 100 milliseconds for bid request processing and free network transit from Google Cloud Platform to all Ad Exchange trading locations (North America – east coast and west coast – Europe and Asia Pacific).

“Real time bidding (or programmatic buying), is one of the fastest growing methods of buying and selling ads online, and is predicted to account for 25% of all display spending by next year,” says DoubleClick Ad Exchange Director of Product Management Scott Spencer. “Marketers are embracing this model as it allows them to connect to audiences at scale quickly and we’ve been making ongoing investments to help them grow their programmatic businesses.”

“Speed is critical to success in programmatic buying and many exchanges, including the DoubleClick exchange, require that bidders respond to an ad request within a certain time limit in order to preserve the real-time nature of the marketplace,” he says. “Real time bidding transactions typically happen within 100 milliseconds from a user visiting a website.”

Google is offering Gold support for Cloud Platform to customers hosting their bidding infrastructure on the DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

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