18 Mar 2014

#INFOGRAPHIC: Age of User: What's The Difference in Media Use?

Anyone who has tried to teach their grandparent how to use a computer, or had a younger relative school you in tech-talk, knows that there are differences between age demographics and their media use. Some people prefer television and newspapers to social networks and RSS feeds. Some people are on the cutting edge of new technology in an effort to escape other generations (enter SnapChat, etc.). The differences in its use and the causes are as various as media itself.

As marketers, we need to know how our specific target market uses media to communicate with each other, with brands, and with the rest of the world. Learning and understanding how our consumers use media is the first step in providing a mediated experience that will be pleasant and user friendly for them. After all, it’s far less likely that someone in their 70′s will be using a mobile app vs. someone in their teens.

This infographic is meant to shed some light on some generational differences in media use and some commonalities. The information provided is intended to be a starting point in understanding some fundamental variances in media use, but there is a plethora of information available on the subject.

Published by Ciceron.

Age of User: What
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