22 Mar 2014

#INFOGRAPHIC: How Are Small Businesses Using Social Media?

By Shea Bennett at Media Bistro

Two thirds of small businesses are using Twitter, and around a quarter devote six to 10 hours each week to social networking, reveals a new study.

Vertical Response polled more than 400 of their customers to enquire how they’re using social media in their everyday activities, and found that 67 percent use Twitter, which finished second overall in the survey behind Facebook (88 percent).

Six in 10 respondents spend less than 6 hours each week on their social media platforms, with more than half using a third party tool to manage updates. One quarter have raised their social media budgets, with 55 percent maintaining or decreasing their expenditure.

Check the visual below for more findings from the study.

How Small Business Use Social Media Infographic
Courtesy of: VerticalResponse

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