30 Mar 2014

Instagram For Your Business: 20 Brilliant Ideas!

By Megan Corwin at Social Solutions Collective:

Instagram For Service Providers?

Have you fallen into the trap of thinking that, if you’re a service provider there’s little you can share on Instagram? After all, you don’t have any products to photograph. And don’t forget the perception that business is boring.

It’s time to quit with the excuses! With a bit of creativity, it is possible for service providers to find and create consistent visual content to share with their audience.

Here are twenty (20) Instagram image ideas for service providers.

Text Based

Use text with the ideas below to create graphics.

1- Quotes from industry related literature. Be sure to provide source info.
2- Blog posts titles, quotes or teaser text
3- Quick tips or tricks
4- Information about a new service package or offering
5- Questions – great for engagement and gathering info

There are plenty of options for creating beautiful text based images for Instagram. This list of free resources is a good place to start.

Industry Related

By posting industry related images, you can share your knowledge about your business and areas of expertise.

6- Educational events or trade shows you attend
7- Pictures of you with speakers or industry experts you meet during events
8- The cover of a suggested book about an industry topic
9- Apps, tools, or products that might benefit your audience

Your Company & Services

Sharing images of your company, and your employees providing your services can be a subtle way of demonstrating the value you provide without feeling like you are selling or overly promoting.

10- The setting for a new workshop you are teaching
11- Newly purchased equipment or tools that will improve your services
12- Happy customers
13- Before and after showing the benefits of your service
14- Articles about your business or your ad in a local publication
15- Awards ceremonies
16- Your workspace

Relationship Building … Just For Fun!

All business and no fun can create a dull Instagram feed. Occasionally mix in an image that allows your audience to get to know your personality.

17- The coffee shop where you do your writing
18- Local weather –especially anything out of the ordinary or beautiful
19- Your office mascot – your pet, plant, or coffee mug
20- YOU! When few and far between, selfies can be a great way to connect.

There you go! A quick list of twenty ways service providers can make an impact with Instagram.

Do you have any ideas to add to the list?

Via Social Solutions Collective.

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