16 Mar 2014

Pinterest Just Made Shopping Easier

By Chris Crum at WebProNews

Pinterest has launched a new “Gifts” feed among the rest of its categories. The feed is meant specifically to get products that are actually for sale in front of users.

The company calls it a “work-in-progress,” so we’ll likely see additional features launched in the future. Some personalization would certainly help. Considering Pinterest’s recently launched “Interests” feature, that doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch.

The Gifts feed shows only Product Pins, which show details like pricing, availability, and where to buy the item.

“So far, we’ve learned that Product Pins get higher click-through rates than regular Pins and make your brand more visible because of the logo on the Pin,” says Pinterest’s Kevin Knight on the company’s business blog. “Pinners also get email notifications when Product Pins they’ve saved drop in price.”

That’s a nice feature for everyone involved.

“The Gifts feed also includes a few price filters so you can find something for every budget,” Knight adds. “$$$$ means the price is greater than $200, $$$ means the price is between $50-$200, $$ means the price is from $25 to $50 and $ is anything less than that.”

Businesses hoping to have their products actually show up in the Gifts feed must be taking advantage of Rich Pins, which you can learn more about here.

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  1. Pinterest is great if you're looking at different images at the same time. It is almost the same as Instagram and can be a great marketing tool if used well.