22 Mar 2014

Turkey Blocks Google DNS, YouTube Could Be Next

By Ryan Lawler at TechCrunch

The social media crackdown in Turkey continues, as the country has moved to block backdoor access to communications services like Twitter through Google DNS. YouTube, another service offered by the global search giant, might be next after refusing to remove videos alleging government corruption.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government called the ban a “preventive measure” after the service had been used by citizens to spread allegations of corruption within the government. “Twitter has been used as a means to carry out systematic character assassinations by circulating illegally acquired recordings, fake and fabricated records of wiretapping,” the government said in a statement.

After Twitter users found themselves unable to access Twitter beginning Thursday, many turned to Google’s DNS service as a way to circumvent the ban. By typing in Google’s DNS addresses ( and into their browser, they were able to continue using Twitter. That proved only a temporary solution, however, as the government has removed access to that service as well.

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