15 Apr 2014

5 Of The Biggest Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Can Make

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The press loves to share social media marketing blunders that brands make, and we love reading them because quite simply they are entertaining. However, when the joke is on your brand, you might feel differently.

What measures do you  have in place today to help prevent a social media PR crisis? If the answer is none, it’s time to start thinking about an action plan to help rectify the situation in the event that your brand becomes involved in a social media blunder. In the meantime, we wanted to share 5 of the biggest social media marketing mistakes that we commonly see businesses making, and hopefully this article will help you to avoid them:

1- Neglecting to implement a social media policy.

You absolutely need to have a clearly defined policy for how your brand’s social media will be handled, and this is especially important if you are going to allow your team members to access your social media accounts. Not having a social media policy that explains how employees should represent your brand online can put you at increased risk for a social media PR disaster.

2- Using the same marketing strategy for every social media channel.

Not only do the audiences vary on social media sites, but so does the lingo and content that you should be sharing. If you’re new to a social media site, take the time to research how your audience communicates before jumping on board.

3- Having an incomplete social media bio. 

Always be sure to include an excerpt about what your business does, where you are located, and your website address. Surprisingly, many businesses don’t complete their bios in their entirety, causing them to potentially miss out on leads and lose credibility with their audience.

4- Assuming that social media is a one-way street.

You audience does not want to constantly see push marketing efforts from your brand in their newsfeed. Instead, businesses need to realize that social media is a two-way street and provides a unique opportunity for them to connect with prospective customers and deepen the relationship.

5- Focusing too much on the number of fans versus the quality. 

Yes, it’s great to have a lot of people that “like” your Facebook page; however, if you are just willy nilly trying to increase your fan base on social media by asking everyone to “like” your page, you may not have the best strategy in place. Instead, if you take the time to focus on the quality of your followers, you can build a much more powerful marketing resource.

While social media is arguably one of the most powerful marketing tools that business owners have available, it can also be very damaging to your brand’s reputation if mistakes are made. Remember that it’s better to be prepared with a policy and strategy in place before it’s too late!

After reading through this list, can you relate to any of these common mistakes? Any other mistakes to avoid?

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