15 Jul 2014

'Kim Kardashian: Hollywood' Game Could Make $200m a Year

By Carl Franzen at The Verge:   

The hit mobile game of the summer has a familiar face behind it. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is an adventure game for iOS and Android that lets players create their own celebrity and interact with the titular reality show star, her friends, and her frenemies. Following its release on June 25th, the game has quickly risen to become the third most popular free app in Apple's App Store and is in the top 10 free games on Google Play. It's also received a nearly perfect overall rating in both stores.

And although the game is free to download, the company that created it, Glu Mobile Inc., stands to make a pretty penny thanks to all of the in-app purchases that players are making (one player reported spending nearly $500 within the app in just a few days). One analyst projects that the "freemium" game could make up to $200 million annually from advertising and in-app purchase revenue, as Bloomberg reported recently. Glu Mobile's stock has also been on a tear since the release of the game.

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  1. I think that it is not so much for the game but more on who is in the game. Since Kim Kardashian is running the show, her popularity has also pulled the popularity of the game.