22 Jul 2011

Apple to make a bid for Hulu?

A couple of days ago we mentioned the UltraViolet cloud service which was basically like iTunes, except for movies and videos. It seemed like a pretty good idea as it would allow users to access their movies in the digital format on a variety of devices, all at one price.
Now it seems that there are rumors of Apple being in talks with Hulu to acquire the company and to provide five years of programming to the US networks and two years of exclusive rights to shows from Disney, News Corp and NBC Universal. Essentially if this deal goes through, it could very well be Apple’s answer to the iCloud for video.

This is probably in conjunction with the rumors that Apple had an iCloud video service in the works, along with the reports that Hulu has plans to sell the company. It seems that Apple is not the only interested buyer as other companies listed among the other bidders include Yahoo, Google, AT&T and etc. At one point it even included Microsoft but apparently the company has dropped out of the bidding.

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