22 Jul 2011

Reddit Launches New Mobile Site, Optimized For Touch Screens

Reddit has launched a new version of their mobile website. They fixed some major errors and bugs that were reported by users and took users’ advice when rolling out some of the site’s new features.
Starting Thursday, users who load Reddit on their mobile devices will receive a notice to upgrade to the new version of the site. Like the previous version, the new site is still optimized for devices that run on WebKit only, so browsers like the mobile Internet Explorer will not properly load Reddit.

The mobile website also has an updated user interface which makes the buttons easier to click if you’re using a touch screen. Here are some of the new features:
  • Infinite scrolling saves if you refresh when you’re on the listings page.
  • The size of the comments page has been cut down to 5 comments being visible at a time.
  • The option button is now represented by a gear and when you click on it, a horizontal bar pops up with options and icons.
  • Arrows are 50 percent larger so they’re easier to click.
While this version is certainly an improvement, there are a few bugs that Reddit is still working to solve. Commenting, messaging and submission, Reddit’s most important functions, have been tested and work properly.
In addition to the new version of their mobile website, the company plans to open-source their iPhone app, iReddit, but are limiting their future developments to enhancing their mobile app. They’ve been undergoing the process of turning their web interface into a mobile app.
Reddit admits that there have been a lack of updates for their iPhone app, but the company has been having issues with the App Store. Various bug fixes have been rejected by App Store testers based on Reddit’s content, but users can expect a cleaner version of the app to be available shortly.

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