21 Jul 2011

Facebook Rolls Out Photo, Video And Link Previews In Comments

Facebook has started to roll out a link preview feature for comments, according to The Next Web. Any time that you post a link in a comment, you will now be able to view a preview of the photo, video or website that is being linked to.
Until now, any time that you pasted a link into a comment, it would remain as a straightforward URL. Instead, the link previews let you view a thumbnail image of the website that is being linked to, along with a short description of the website where one is available. In addition, if you post a link to a photo or video in your comment, a preview for that media will be available too, with YouTube videos available to view directly from the comment.

It should be noted that the changes only affect comments made on Facebook’s website and not comments made through the Facebook Comments plugin or mobile website. Of course, link previews have been available when posting on your Wall for some time, so this update just makes links in comments consistent with those in Wall posts.
facebook comments preview
Although not earth-shattering, this is a nice little cosmetic change that should make the News Feed much nicer to look at. I have to wonder though: did the rich media previews available on Twitter‘s website have anything to do with this move by Facebook?

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