21 Jul 2011

Google Acquires Social Network Fridge To Work On Google+

Group-based social networking service Fridge has announced that it has been acquired by Google, with the Fridge team being rolled into the Google+ setup. Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

Fridge offered its users the ability to create personal networks that could be used to share photos, events and messages with specific groups and friends. It is this selective sharing feature that seems to be Google’s reason for acquiring the service as selective sharing is at the core of Google+ — think about the Circles feature.
If you are a Fridge user, you should be advised that you will no longer be able to post anything new. In addition, you have until 6 p.m. EDT on August 20 to download and download and save your photos, posts, files and media from your groups. After that time, Fridge will delete all user data in accordance with its privacy policy. To save your data, log in and click the “Export Group data” button on each group that you want to save.
With Google+ having a large focus on privacy, this acquisition appears to make perfect sense. Perhaps deals for other private sharing networks are on the way too. Path, anyone?

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