18 Jul 2011

Netflix could come to UK next year, making LoveFilm tremble in fear

The Netflix film-rental and streaming service is rumoured to be planning a UK launch.
Netflix is the number-one film-rental service in the US, offering DVD rentals by post or via streaming online. It's been doing so well in fact that the company pushed out a massive launch across Latin America earlier this month.

Evidently, though, one continent just isn't enough for Netflix. Sources from European film distributors have said that the film service is planning an invasion of Britain and Spain early next year. Netflix is yet to comment on the speculation, but it's surely only a matter of time before such a successful service wants to spread its wings and engulf the globe.
If Netflix does decide to take the plunge in Britain, it will be in immediate competition with the increasingly popular LoveFilm, which offers much the same service. Given Netflix's popularity in the US, LoveFilm would be well justified in spoiling its trousers round about now.

It's unknown at this point whether Netflix will bring its rentals-by-post service across the pond, or whether it would simply offer online streaming.
Netflix has recently made its streaming service available on the Nintendo 3DS in the US. If Netflix were to launch in the UK, we may well see a similar service offered here, which could help to boost the somewhat lacklustre sales of the 3DS.

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