4 Aug 2011

21 Best Android Apps for Web Designers and Photographers

Android is one of the fabulous operating system for mobile devices used by world’s premiere mobile manufacturers like Motorola, HTC, Samsung and Sony Ericsson.  If we talk about Android apps for Designers and Photographers, you can find thousands of amazing Android applications in Android Market. We show you some of them here.

1)    Color Mood Designer – This is an amazing application to recognize the color combination which will be best fitted for your web designing project.
2)    HP IPrint Photo- This application will help you to print PDF files that are saved on your phone and PDF attachments of your gmail account. The best thing is that you don’t need a cable connection here because this application can automatically discover HP printers through Wi-Fi network.
3)    Photoshake- With this app, you are able to combine two or more images.
4)    Color Pal- Color Pal allows you to rapidly search the latest or the most popular color palettes.
5)    Superdry Color Picker- This application is a library of colors on the Android phone from where you can pick colors of your choice.
6)    Magic Color Picker- This application helps you in selecting colors from different color models. Designers can make out the full utilization of this tool.
7)  Free Draw- This application will help you in expressing your thoughts and creating some artistic task. Whatever activity you will do by using Free Draw application, it will be saved on your Android phone and you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, emails, etc.
8)    Draw- With the help of this application, you can draw anything on a blank screen like in MS Paint.
9)    Sketchbook- This application offers you a set of sketching tools which designers can use for enhancing their artistic skills.
10)    Paint’R- This is an amazing application that enables designers and developers to edit any image and save it to the SD card in order to send it to anyone.
11)    Photo Illusion- This is also an image application that enables you to make changes in images and to put extra effects on it.
12)    Photo Enhance- This application is used to enhance the quality of an image by adjusting black & white, contrasting, cropping and other tools.
13)    Magic Canvas – This is a beautiful application that helps you in creating stunning images by changing the color pattern of the selected region of the image.
14)    Picplz- This application allows you to share your life through photos.
15)    Image Shrink- You can shrink your photos by using this Image Shrink application and then send them to your friends.
16)    Image Resizer- This application is used to change the size of images.
17)    JustPictures- This would help you to browse photos from Facebook, Flicker, Photobucket, Devian Art, SD card, etc. in a clean user interface.
18)    Image Editor- This is a simple but very useful Android application that enables you to edit images.
19)    Dash of Colors- This application allows you to convert any image into black and white image and let you draw painting over that image.
20)    Color Touch Effects- This application would allow you to recolor an image and implement extra effects on it.
21)    PhotoFunia- This is also a photo editing tool that allows you to make funny pictures on your Android phone.


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