13 Aug 2011

Flickr Updates Contact View, Adds Light Box Feature And Keyboard Shortcuts

The photo-sharing service Flickr has added some new display options and a guide to keyboard shortcuts to help users swiftly navigate around the service.
Flickr has given users the option of selecting photo size right inside of the stream for their contacts’ recent uploads. Previously, to get all sizes of a photo, a user would have to click on the picture to visit a new screen, but now they can do it right from their feed. Users can view square, small, medium or large photos with this option.

The photo-sharing service, which is known for a minimal display that enhances users’ ability to showcase their work, has added a new Light Box feature. You can view all of your contacts’ newest photos in a large-sized slideshow right on your screen by clicking “Light Box” in the options on the right hand side of the page. From the Light Box, you have access to all of the photo’s different sizes.

To help users navigate around the site, Flickr has added various keyboard shortcuts for some of the service’s most commonly used features. With the redesigned page, the service introduced dozens of shortcuts that help users add photos to their favorites and navigate through the photostream. To view the whole list of shortcuts, all you have to do is click the “?” key on any Flickr page. Shortcuts include functions like pressing “L” to view the photo in a lightbox, “G” to add photos into a group and “C” to jump to the comment field.
Flickr has recently reached some major milestones and is constantly expanding. The service just hit their 6 billionth photo upload last week and in June they reached 1 million galleries.

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