19 Sep 2012

INFOGRAPHIC: Social Media Cheat Sheet For Business Owners

Business owners know it’s important to engage with our customers and prospects online — but there’s an opportunity cost. It seems like new social networks are appearing every other week, so it’s important to choose wisely.
The SM2 social media team helps businesses find and understand the online interactions that impact their business.

We’ve ranked the Top 9 Social Networks for Small and Medium-sized Businesses based on
  • Reach: How Many Members
  • TimeInvestment Required
  • Quality of Interaction (from a business perspective)
  • Fun (our highly-scientific and proprietary research)
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Social Media Cheat Sheet For Business Owners

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  1. With the number of people registering in different social media platforms growing each day, businesses can definitely use it to their advantage. One of the biggest benefits of social media is that the brand can easily be spread throughout the target market without the business having to spend much in terms of resources. And this cheat sheet would greatly help businesses, especially small or startup businesses, maximize the tools of social media.

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