16 Oct 2012

INFOGRAPHIC: Mobile Marketing On the Move

Mobile is a powerful force in marketing that has enabled people to stay connected, view content and respond to messages from wherever they are. This infographic explores the expanding universe of mobile that has impacted the way we communicate, play and work.

This Infographic is Published and Designed by Hawkeye

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  3. Mobile marketing is a huge potential source of traffic, customers and profit for your business, but as yet fairly untapped. Yet, over the next three years, it is predicted that more than half current internet users will be accessing the web via mobiles and other handheld devices.

  4. Moblie promotion is a large prospective resource of visitors, clients and benefit for your company, but as yet pretty low compertition. Yet, over the next three decades, it is expected that more than 50 percent present web clients will be obtaining the web via cell phones and other portable gadgets.

  5. Mobile marketing is one of the best marketing strategy to use for business promotion. This is such a great and very effective marketing tool in these days. This is really the best way to get huge number of traffic and clients for your business. It is beneficial for all getting success in business very fast.

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