18 Jun 2013

40 #WordPress Plugins to Help Promote a Website

By Christopher Ross at This Is My URL
These ten plugins are designed to improve how users can share your content with their friends and promote your website through social marketing and online networks.
  1. JetPack includes ShareDaddy to easily add share links on the bottom of your posts. This encourages users to Tweet, Like or Share your content, includes Reddit, StumbleUpon and Digg as well as Twitter and Facebook. Also includes a Twitter widget and shortlink generator for your posts.
  2. Sexy Bookmarks is very similar to JetPack’s ShareDaddy, but allows linking to dozens of social bookmark services and is, well, sexy.
  3. Sociable is another alternative method for adding share and email options to your posts.
  4. Bookmarkify is an alternative method for adding share and email options to your posts.
  5. ShareThis is the granddaddy of social booking. ShareThis is the most extensive of the social sharing services with a huge library to choose from.
  6. Share on Facebook  will add a Facebook share button to your post.
  7. Digg This adds a Digg button to your post.
  8. TweetMeme easily adds a Tweet button to your posts.
  9. I love Social Bookmarketing is another option , similar to JetPack’s ShareDaddy and Sexy Bookmarks.
  10. Social Bookmarks – one last alternative, similar to JetPack ShareDaddy and Sexy Bookmarks.
While limited to a few key services, my favourite in the list above is JetPack because of its simplicity of operation and easy means of adding new services.

Comment Plugins for WordPress

Improving the comments on your website will not only increase return visits, but also help search engines to know your pages are active and full of fresh content.
  1. Disqus offers a great, clean commenting tool for WordPress and integrates with Askimet for spam fighting.
  2. OpenID works with the built-in WordPress comments to offer users the option of signing in via their OpenID profile.
  3. Twitter Avatars In Comments allows users’ comments to include their Twitter profile picture. You can also do it without a plugin, if you enjoy coding.
  4. TinyMCE Comments adds the TinyMCE html editor to comments.
  5. CommentLuv shares the title of the comment author’s latest post with CommentLuv.
  6. @reply adds the ability to use Twitterish @reply-to links in comments.
  7. JetPack adds Gravatar hovercards with profile details for comment authors. While we’re on the subject of Gravatar, Gravatar Signup adds a checkbox for quick sign up for non Gravatar members.
  8. IntenseDebate Comments is a powerful commenting tool similar to Disqus, from the makers of WordPress.
  9. Facebook Comments – there are several plugins available to take care of integrating Facebook to WordPress, I’ll just link to the list and you can try them out.
  10. Paged Comments stops your comments from getting out of control by displaying only a set number per page.

Search Engine Optimization Plugins for WordPress

These plugins are designed to improve your SEO performance and bring traffic to your website through search engines.
  1. Google XML Sitemaps works with Google Webmaster Tools to tell Google what changes to your website should be indexed.
  2. Redirection is perfect for migrating URLs to a new site structure. If you’ve updated your blog, moved a page or changed the location of a file you can use this plugin to tell search engines where it is.
  3. Simple Tags  helps you pick tags for your posts by integrating with Yahoo and other search engines for advice.
  4. Robots Meta add metadata to your posts and pages to help search engines process your pages.
  5. SEO Friendly Images automatically adds alt and title tags to your images based on your post name.
  6. SEO No Duplicate removes duplicate content from your website listings.
  7. Google Images Sitemap adds your website images to Google Images with Webmaster Tools.
  8. SEO Slugs removes excess words (e.g. the, an,a) from your permalinks to increase slug performance.

Deep Linking Plugins for WordPress

The term deep linking describes a simple SEO strategy of linking to relevant posts deep within your website. This helps readers and search engines find content no longer on your homepage.
  1. Easy Popular Posts  links to the most popular posts on your website.
  2. Easy Recent Posts links to the most recent posts on your site.
  3. Easy Random Posts links to 5,10,20 or more random posts on your site.
  4. Easy Related Posts automatically finds related posts on your site.
  5. SEO Smart Links links popular words in your posts to related content on your website.

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