29 Aug 2013

#Foursquare’s New #Windows 8 App Brings LocalSearch to Desktop

In the four years Foursquare has been around, it’s gone from the app that tells everyone about the donut you’re currently eating to the app that helps you find the donut you actually should be eating. The evolution of Foursquare’s fundamental purpose, from a geolocation-based social app to a local business recommendation engine, has been mirrored by the app’s design changes over the years—meaning, check-ins and social functions have been demoted while Explore and search have taken over the prime real estate of your phone’s screen.

It makes sense then, in the app’s most recent incarnation launched today for Windows 8, Foursquare is gunning even harder to become your go-to service for telling you what you want and how to get there.

The fact that this is Foursquare’s foray into native apps for the non-mobile world is notable. The app can be used across Windows 8 platforms, from your Surface tablet to your desktop computer without its basic functionality changing at all. Foursquare has already proved itself as a reliable source for quick-check information like, what’s immediately nearby, hours of operation and whether or not that burrito place you’ve been eyeing takes credit cards (it probably doesn’t).

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