7 Aug 2013

Twitter Updates Its Mobile Apps With Login Verification

In late May, Twitter finally launched two-step verification. The tool was introduced as a way to hopefully cut down on the number of high profile Twitter account hacks that left many celebrities and brands dealing with minor PR disasters. Now Twitter has updated its verification process to be even more secure.
Twitter announced today that users can now use their mobile apps to login into their accounts via two-step verification. SMS-based login verification will still be available, but the mobile app provides another level of security. Here are all the features that come with two-step verification on the mobile app:
No phone number required: By using push messaging and in-application approvals, you no longer need to provide your phone number to use login verification. If you manage multiple Twitter accounts, but only have one phone number, you can now opt all of them into login verification.

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  2. This is a smart move for Twitter because it provides two-step verification without burdening the consumer with additional security tasks. Twitter had to tighten up its security processes because of hijacking of high-profile Twitter accounts such as one belonging to Burger King.