6 Sep 2013

#Foursquare Touts 40M Users and 40,000 ‘Superusers’

On the heels of news that they are currently in talks with multiple companies about the possibility of a strategic investing (including Microsoft), location app Foursquare has just announced that they’ve hit 40 million users. Although it’s unclear just how many of those users are actually active on the service (be it per day, per month, or whenever), 40 million is a pretty significant user base for a company looking for a boost from a big name.
Foursquare is also touting their 40,000 “superusers” in their goal to make their giant database of locations even more accurate. Foursquare first unveiled the superuser program back in 2009, which allows Foursquare users to apply to become editors on the network. Did some careless user misspell the name of that new coffee house? That’s a job for a superuser. They also receive other privileges like previews to upcoming products and features.
Foursquare says that their 40,000 superusers come from 147 different countries, and collectively make over a million edits every month.

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