5 Sep 2013

#INFOGRAPHIC: 18 Proven Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog Post

1. LinkedIn Groups

Join the ten most active LinkedIn groups in your industry and share your blog post. Don’t sound promotional or it will be removed. Respond to comments to get the most activity.
2. Google+ Communities
Promote your blog post in Google+ communities. Ask a question about the article to spark discussion. Make sure to use hash tags too!
3. Facebook Groups
Search for relevant Facebook groups and post your link. Some Facebook groups have strict policies (like not promoting your own content) but if you create a fake account you can bypass them.
4. Blog Comments
Post the first comment on well-trafficked sites. Say something useful and then link to your blog post at the end. Pete Cashmore built Mashable with this strategy.
5. Guest Post
Write a guest post for a big name website in your industry. Link to your blog post either in the article itself or in the about section. This will send several hundred people to your blog post if you are lucky.
6. Q&A Sites
Look for recent questions on Yahoo Answers, Quora, and Answers.com. Write a detailed response and tell them to look at your post for more information. Q&A sites rank well in Google and will send you 1000s of views over time.
7. Change Your Title
On average 8 out of 10 people will read your title but only 3 out of 10 will bother to click on the link to read the whole post. Increase the odds by crafting an enticing headline.
8. Create a YouTube Video
Create a video tutorial on the topic of your post and upload it to YouTube. At the top of the video’s description put a link to the post. Mention the post many times throughout the video.
9. Tweet @ Influencers
Send @ messages to semi-popular influencers asking them for to share or give feedback on the article. Don’t go for the hundred pound guerillas right away because they don’t respond as much.
10. Buy Social Media Shares
Signup for MyLikes.com and pay Tweeters with large audiences to share your blog post. You only pay when a person lands on your blog post. Find well rated Fiverr gig to get even more results.
11. Lock Your Post
If you have really awesome content, you can force people to share it before unlocking it with CloudFlood.com or PayWithaTweet.com
12. Promote It on Facebook
Share the article on your Facebook page and then click promote. Ads are still cheap on Facebook and all it might take is $15 bucks before it goes viral.
13. Create an Infographic
Hire someone on oDesk to turn your post into an infographic. Share the infographic on prominent infographic sites as well as on Pinterest and Twitter. Create an embed code which links to the article itself. When people click on the infographic, it will bring them to your article.
14. Make a Slideshow
Turn your post into a quick PowerPoint and add it to SlideShare.net. Add it to the right categories and your slideshow may begin getting tons of traffic. Make sure to link back to the post.
15. Advertise with Nrelate
Advertise your post in the ‘related posts’ section of another site using Nrelate. You can target your post to only show up with highly relevant articles.
16. Use SocialMention.com
Find people asking questions about your post’s topic on SocialMention.com. Help them find the answer by sharing your blog post. Better yet, hire someone to do it for you.
17. Buy StumbleUpon Traffic
StumbleUpon Paid Discovery only costs 5 cents per view. If you drop a hundred dollars on a really important blog post, you can get 2000 views, which may convert into social shares.
18. Create Outrage / Be Contrarian
Rewrite your blog post to cause controversy. The best way is to usually take the opposite viewpoint than the majority.

Ways-To-Get-Blog-Post-TrafficSource: Lezal Marketing

Johann Beishline is the founder of Lezal Marketing - a company focused on ROI based marketing strategies. He is a coffee addict and avid runner. Follow him on Google+ or on Twitter @Leaderswin

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